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Museum of Applied Art, MAK 1864 founded as „Imperial Austrian Museum for Art and Industry“. Building by H von Ferstel 1906-1909.
It comprises textiles (from late Antiquity to the present), porcelain (e.g. from the Vienna Porzellanmanufaktur), glasses, goldsmithery, enamelwork and jewellery (Middle Ages to present day), furniture (Middle Ages to present day), Oriental and East Asia Collections, the artistic estate and artefacts of the Wiener Werkstätte, architectural models and drawings by R. Abraham, F. O. Gehry, Coop Himmelb(l)au , L. Woods and H. Richter as well as works by D. Judd, A. Rainer, B. Gironcolli, F. West and of the installation artists V. Acconci, J. Kabakov, E. Schlegel and C. Burden, J. Turrell etc. Affiliate institutes are at Geymüller Palace (Sobek Collection) in Vienna´s 18th district and the MAK-Gegenwartskunstdepot Museum in the Anti-Aircraft Tower Arenbergpark in Vienna´s 3rd district. Source: