Vienna tourist info
Vienna tourist info
Vienna tourist info
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Vienna tourist info and City-guide Vienna

Vienna tourist info. Vienna is famous for its Imperial Ringstraße and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, for Sisi and Schönbrunn, for the Vienna Boys’ Choir, the Lipizzaner, and for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Beethoven and Johann Strauss.

However, Vienna also has a modern art and culture scene. The Viennese lifestyle is reflected in a highly sought-after synthesis of history and avant-garde, and sometimes in a baroque desire for sensual pleasure.

With so many positive attributes, the bad and banal is naturally never far away. However, we don’t want to conceal this absurd, dark and embarrassing side of Vienna either…

What has Vienna tourist info for urban individualists got to offer?

– Comprehensive tourist information
– Places of interest in several languages
– Approx. 150 sightseeing locations Vienna (85 in english and 5 other languages)

Take a tour on our Vienna tourist info and enjoy the special tours for urban individualists sightseeing Vienna and the Vienna tour guide.

Places of interest: Schoenbrunn, Hofburg Vienna, Vienna Ringstrasse, Sisi monument, Sisi museum, Sisi and the Hermesvilla, the Vienna Prater….