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Bisamberg is a hill in the northeastern parts of Vienna and famous for its flora and the vine. You habe a splendid view over Vienna and you can enjoy a glass of vine in the famous Heurigen. The vegetation is influenced by the pannonic climate.

Bisamberg is 358 meters high. Findings from the New Stone Age and a Celtic settlement have been made here. The south of the hill slopes down to the River Danube and, together with Leopoldsberg on the opposite side, it forms the Danube’s opening through the Wiener Pforte (Vienna Gates). The Bisamberg is a geological continuation of the flysch zone of the Vienna Woods, north of the Danube. It features oak brushwood and micro-flora adapted to arid habitats. For centuries, the loam-covered slopes have been used for winegrowing. Fantastic wine taverns with views over Vienna.